Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Women in Animation!

Hey sorry im late! Heres the list of women animators that Dan and Karen Haskett composed for me, When i have a chance i'll also post my thoughts of the gathering :) which by the way was very inspiring!!!

List of Women Animators

La Verne Harding (Lantz)
Tissa David
Joanna Quinn
Kathy Rose
Sara Petty
Johanna Priestley
Sue Kroyer
Ellen Woodbury
Retta Scott
Brenda Banks
January Nordman
Marlene Robinson
Sylvia Cobb Roemer (Layout)
Mary Blair (design)
Alison DeVere
Sylvia Holland (Design)
Bianca Majolie (Design)
Buf Nerbovig
Nina Paley
Thelma Witmer (Background)
Anne Guenther (Background)

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