Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tweening Art Has Been at a Stand Still

I know things have been slow around here for a long while, but it is not intentional. In all honesty it has just been a matter of complete instability in my life. First off I had no choice but to leave my wonderful job at Mada design and move away from the east coast. I moved in with friend in ohio with the hopes that we would be all working together to get ourselves going and back on track after school, but what actually happened is I ended up freaking drawing pinups like there was on tomorrow and selling them like crazy online to go to an art conventions as well as to pay my rent and so forth. I had basically been doing all I could to stay afloat. I got a job doing caricature over the summer, but it didn't pay very much and I was not making enough to live on and was making more drawing pin ups sometimes than I did even when working like 20 - 30 hours a week because of the fact that I was on commission and we just didn't get enough traffic at the caricature stand. Honestly it started to get frustrating. I made plans to leave and go to KC for a visit with family, but the bus ticket was so high I had to cancel and just keep drawing till I raised the cash.

So now I am in Kansas City MO and I am not even sure I will make the money to go back to Ohio. Not to mention the heat got cut off in my Ohio home cause the gas bill from previous people living there was so High ( they refused to pay), that my friend that owns the home can’t get it turned back on so I would have to go home to work in the cold anyway.

I have had a frustrating 6 months or so. You think things will get better when you try to take steps to improve your life, but they get worse, At least for me. Stupid recession. Anyway, I wanted to upload a few things because I have made up my mind to make it a priority to get back to animating again. I worry the stupid intermission might have hurt me but I think I am ok. On my next post I will show a few flash things I did. I also want to get to work on my demo reel. I want to have something within the next 4 weeks that is worth looking at.

I applied to work at a art store here in KC with the hope it will give me a bit of income until my project is done so I can focus on what is more important. I am tired of my portfolio filling up with PIN UP ART and not ANIMATION the way I would prefer so I plan to take a job and stop my commissions for a while after this last batch. I pray to god they hire me I really do.

So here are a few things I found online to look at and that I want to explore when I get time.





Here are a few old flash things I did as well. I did this crappy e card but when I looked at it recently I realized I didn’t do to bad on my lip sync. Might cut out parts and use the sync on my demo reel.

This other I did for fun. It was good pratice for intertwining and follow through.

I plan to do some serious walk cycles in the next week and a few other things as well. I will be uploading more.

If you are interested in seeing over 200 pin up girls you can view them here.

I should put them all in a book and sell it.


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ShojinStudios said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! Mainasha don't let any1 tell you different you have MAJOR talent! seriously you GOT it! I will do my best to see if any1 I know can use your skills. It's sad when truly talented people like yourself can't get a good paying job. Please do make that sketchbook happen know what contact Alberto Ruiz I know he would appreciate your art, who knows he might be able to hook you up with a few gigs, check him out at
BTW your first pic of the redhead with the cape... STUNNING! Great job all around!!!

Amanda said...

Keep your chin up girl. You are awesome and always come out on top. Your work is better than ever and this too shall pass!