Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Learnig from scratch.

So One of my goals in preparing my portfolio is to also work through and complete animators survival kit.  I had started this some time back but I decided to start again.

One thing Richard Williams mentioned in the book that I so many time had disregarded was about how it is important to UNPLUG! Turning of the radio and the tv and so forth and concentration on what is at heand. he point out how your work will improve along with your speed  and ability to complete more at one time.

Its nothing new. I have known it a long time but I think it is time to put into practice. Having good focus can work wonders for your ability to improve in anything.  I want to start regarding my animation time as a sacred time where I give it my full attention.

The other thing he mentioned as being very important is having a good teacher (master) to learn from and how it can do wonders for your improvement as an animator.

I don't think people really get the opportunity to learn from a master in our day and time. It reminds me of the old martial arts films where the student begs the master to teach him all he knows. The master takes him under his wing and cultivates him. I feel so blessed to have met someone like that! Now a days we just go to school and expect to learn things from people that barely know how to teach or they are overwhelmed with teaching  Multiple courses and grading paper and just trying to make there pay check. They don't have time do develop a relationship with there students and cultivate them. We just go to school learn some stuff real fast and hope we can go out and get a job after being spread so then on work we cant even remember what our last semesters classes were.

Not saying school is bad but just pointing out how the format of school is limiting to the student.  I Hope that the next few years on my life will be filled with growth and mastery. I thank God for the blessing.

I wanted to post this to watch later. please enjoy.

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