Thursday, April 3, 2008

April 3 walk cycle

Here is todays walk cycle. this time with a squash in the passing position. here you can see that is takes the earlier walk cycle further in movement by accentuating the downward movement so that is snaps up into the new position. I could easily smooth these out by adding some inbetweens so that there is more fluid motion in the up and down but since these are only for the purpose of learning I am choosing not to and will just move onto the next cycle. It would probably even look cool if I added some anticipation to the head and shoulders as he rises into the upward position But oh well. Again these are coming from the Richard Williams book.

I find myself really watching people to see the different types of walks while I am on the way to work. I noticed men seem to have more of a side to side bobbing in the upper torso when they walk where as women, especially in heels, walk with a much smaller steps and less up and down. but it depends on the girl. the really girly uppity types take it much more to the extreme walking with there head high. The more relaxed chicks have a bit wider stance but still not nearly as long a stride as what men have. I also noticed some men really walk with a lot of pep in there step and have a great deal more up and down than side to side.

And then some people walk like they are just plain exhausted. But I know where they are coming from.

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