Saturday, April 5, 2008

My first Post, Sorry i'm slacking!

Hi all, Here is my first post I created the following 2 sec animation using 3DMax the program is pretty smooth and I really had no major problems with it. I edited the piece in Permiere and added audio there as well. Both the audio and the tutorials for the animation I got for free on the internet. The link is to get there, once there type in "3D animation tutorials" in the search box, you'll get tons more and for various platforms. My animation was short due to time deadlines and the fact that I only had 2 days to work on it. Well I hope to put up more than just this post in the near future. I have to give credit where credit is due, thnks Mainasha for keeping the torch burning this site is full of info I just hope people are taking advantage! If you have any questions hit me up!


Draw Like Crazy said...

Hey I am glad to see you posting stuff! It makes me excited to see people getting excited about animating.

I was curious, was this something you did as a freelance job. wanted to have a little more info on the purpose for your project.

Regardless it looks very clean nice job.

ShojinStudios said...

Hey Mainasha, actually this was for my job. We were pitching to the Chicago Fire and for the presentation they wanted a short animation for the end of their piece. I wanted to do a 10 to 20 second animation but they handed me this task on a Friday or late Thursday I think. Needless to say it wasn't enough time to do it at least at work. I took the project home and just spent whatever time I had during that weekend setting up the animation and creating the fire effect. On Sunday I edited and put in the sound to the animation. I created the whole 3D scene in 3Dmax and edited and put the audio in Adobe Premiere. I found the sound bytes in various websites. Thanks again for the comment Mainasha, I'll get more of these types of pieces up for view.

Do you use flash to create your walk cycles? Do you draw them by hand and then scan them in? A friend of mine came to this site and checked out your animations and he was thrilled by them. Not many people put up their process only the final product, We find your art very refreshing and inspiring! Keep it coming!

Qurious said...

I like this. The flow and sound. Great stuff!