Saturday, June 20, 2009

New favorite past time.

My new favorite past time seems to be looking for a job in animation. I am currently working at a place that does in home care as a direct care assistant. Basically I help people who are disabled so they can live out a normal life but they need round the close care.

Anyway, it can be very stressful honestly cause I work with all men and I don't mean just the clients. I mean the other co workers as well and things have been hard. I think my immune system is at an all time low cause I ended up getting really sick over the past week. I haven't been sick in over a year.

One issue I was dealing with was sexual harassment. Finally the guy bushed me to my limit and I blew up on him and he stopped. But there seems to have been some left over resentment. I to this day really don't like him and hate having to work with him every day. We barely say hello ti each other. I started doing comic strips about it to helpme look at the situation from a funny side of things.

I had not had a day off until this weekend. it has been almost a month since my last day off which was on the may 24th. I got labor day weekend off and then worked a double shift that next day (16 hrs.) so I have worked about 4 weeks doing both double and single shifts with no days off up to this point plus I have been working my ass off in the gym trying to get back in shape in the mornings. this past week I have felt like shit all week and now I get a day off to be sick. It really is crazy.

I know I need a job and want money but I just don't feel like it is work it for me to be so stressed I get sick cause of it. I have no time for a social life and lets just for get doing commissions. on days like this the last thing I want to think about is sitting at a drawing desk all day drawing stuff for other people when I don't feel well.

Anyway enjoy the comic strip. I think i will go take a nap.

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