Friday, June 19, 2009

Some sketches

I figure since I can't animate right now due to my full time job I will try to keep things active here and post some sketches.

I will be getting some animation experience soon though cause I am starting an internship at a company here in Kansas City called Bazillion Pictures. They are letting me come in and train as a 3d character animator. Plus I might get to do some character design work for them. It will be an exciting experience I think. So Wish me luck.

I am also working on a new card set for the character mandy by dean Yeagle.

I love deans work and am excited. We had to submit some samples for this so I sent this in.

I also did some sketch cards for Ritten House Marvel Archives set. the job I am working though is so time consuming though that I had to fight to get days off to work on it and I still didn't finish the set. I am definitely going to have to quit soon if I want to get back to drawing and stuff. I would post that stuff but I can't show anything until the set comes out. I did 36 cards out of the 50 I was trying to finish and I had 100 total but they told me to do what ever I could.

The check I got came in handy though cause I was expecting everything to get rejected but it didn't so I am happy. My friends tell me I am just way to hard on myself when it comes to my own work.

I did recently come across an artist whos work I love! his name is Bill pressing you should check out his blog called Daily Peril.

I find his work very inspirational and I love his approach to using the dr martin dyes and acrylic wash. I was planning to experiment with the technique when I work on my next set of commissions and stuff but I again have not been getting any days off work to work on my own projects.
So as soon as things start comng together and I can sit down I will be knocking out a crap load of hopfully amazing looking commissions. I want the people waiting to feel like it was well worth the wait lol. Of course When I say amazing I take that lightly myself cause I can only really enjoy a peice of my own art for maybe a few days after I do it. After that it just becomes a reminder of all my mistakes.

Anyway as promised here is some new sketches. One is inspired by Dean Yeagle and it is my Character Amber. Enjoy guys.


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