Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Character designs Short Number one untitled

Ok tiana post all your character designs here and any notes on them.I decided to take a little time and look at some cute kid videos. I really liked the look of this little girl.

*NOTE*Tiana, I updated with a few remarks about your disigns take some time and do the same. Once we deside on elemets we want I will do some finalize
d designs using those elements. you focus on the boards and making them look nice.

Arie Designs:Here are the first round for me I will do a few more tomorrow and work on some outfits.
I love her so much. I love the dress a whole lot and her shoes. They are absolutly adorable!I love the girl at the right with the short hair the most. Her hair can bounce with the emotion. Her hair can be as childish as she is with that hair cut. I like the other girls too. They are cute.

I love how stubby the body is. It's a little kids body to the point. It is so adorable. I wanna give it a hug!
I love all of the outfits. My favorite is 1,2,3.

Tiana Designs:
Here is my first pass at the character design. Please forgive me. My scanner sucks ass i'm looking to get a new one for cheap. Do you have any suggestions?
I like the posses a lot here tiana. I am worried though that the curls may become difficult to animate when she is turning her head or that they may hide the face cause they are kind of big. Lets consult Dan about this.

These girls are a lot of fun. Great additude again. I love the hats but I am not sure if we wanted to have a character with a hat. I will leave that up to you. The dress is adorable and fun.
I love the Tennisn shoes on this! it really gives the character spunk and attitude based on clothing I think. I am not feeling the rain coat and boots. I think we should make the seting more of a nice day. I really like the look of the girl in the middle the most.
The stripped stockig on this is really fun.
I like the simple shoes on these 2
I really like the girls face with the little bow on the top of the head and the straight bang with the curl on the ends. Her eyes are closed and she is smiling. I think it is fun and has nice character. She could animate easily.


Draw Like Crazy said...

hey tiana i can barely see some of your girl drawings. Maybe you should try scanning at a higher dpi and when you save for web in photoshop make the image 1000 pixels high. if you have any issues with seeing my sketches let me know as well. Also i know you said you had a bad scanner. you could also to draw then digitally if you wanted to just got now.

Draw Like Crazy said...

Just an update tiana. I posted some clothing ideas I had and a few images of body type for the little girl.

Tiana Mone'e Scott said...

I will have to post tonight as soon as i get home. I had made some more designs also. I also did a little story board sketch for it. I will post it soon

Draw Like Crazy said...

ok great. since this was your story idea I think we should go with your boards and when we do mine I will board it ok.

Tiana Mone'e Scott said...

I really love all of your clothing designs and girl designs. Oh my goodness they are all so cute. I also really love the clothing. I'm still working on the story boards. I finished it but i wanted to tweak some of the boards to make it more expressive.

Do you have a style that you envisioned for this little thing?

Draw Like Crazy said...

only style I really envisioned is our style honestly. what ever we naturally draw like.

I really like all of your ideas. I think we should look at both our designs and choose elements we enjoy and move from there. I was curous what kind of setting she would be placed in since you are doing the boards. Also how did the voice recording go?

Take some time and leave some remarks about what you like under my imaes and I will do the same for yours. From there we can play around with the final ideas for the characters. I will do the turn arounds sinc eyou are doing the boards. also how many characters will be in the story. is there anything else to design.

Draw Like Crazy said...

I am working on one more character sheet from there I want you to pick the elements you want and I will start the turn arounds.

I am getting from you that you like doing a character with curly hair. and a shorter body which is what I am going for my last design. I hope you like it. from here I think we should email dan and ask his advise on what he thinks will be easiest to animate since we were going for simplicity with our first project.