Sunday, February 26, 2012

Portfolio: This weeks Goals.

Working on developing and illustrating 5 - 10 ideas for short animations that demonstrate the following.

Character Design
Drawing on model

Tiana please edit the blog with your ideas under your name. you can upload pics if you want to as well.

Arie Ideas

1. (Lol playing with the wig ides a bit) Ariel is on a rock starts singing "I dont know when I dont know how but a know somethings starting right now" and in the middle of the last word a bird flys by and poops on her head, or steals her wig. can her someone scream "cut" off screen.

Razunzel is singing when her wig flys off and she looks back to see the prince tangled in her hair. ( get it Tangled) lol ok bad joke.

3. A girl is petting her cat and the cat is rolling around purring and meowing and the a guy sitting next to her say "hey why dont you ever pet me like that" the girl and the cat look up at him and says "hun you know I am allergic to dogs"

4. Girl walking down the side walk and sees a puddle. jumps over it as she is crossing the street. a car drives by and drives through the puddle and she gets drenched in water instead.

5. A guy and a girl are having a intimate moment on a park bench. the guy starts walking his fingers up the girls leg and they kiss. suddenly they are splashed with water. the camera zooms out and a guy is standing there with a bucket. He yells at them " Get a room" and he throws the bucket down and walks away. they look at each other and they look at the camera and blink in confusion.

6. I women is standing on a bus stop waiting for the bus in a short dress and heels. she takes out her makeup compact to check herself in the mirror and when she pulls it out of her purse she drops it on the ground just as a guy walks by. she bends over to pick it up and the guy grabs the bottom of her dress and flips it over her head and runs away laughing. the women stands up confused and you see her granny panties. her arms are tangle over her head in her dress.

7. a women is walking down the street and two guys are watching her. one guy says to the other. "Man look at that booty looks like 2 midgets wrestling under that dress." suddenly the women screams and 2 midgets fall out from under her dress and start complaining "We just dont get paid enough to do this" the guys watch them walk by and one says to the other, "well what do you know"

8. a little boy is doing his math home work. a kitten jumps on the table. the little boy is counting on his fingers the cat comes over and lays on his paper. he hugs the kitty.

9. Kid keeps playing ddr and cat is sitting next to him watching. He is losing over and over again. finally the cat stands on 2 legs puts up a paw and the kid steps off the mat. the cat plays and gets a perfect score. then walks away. kid crys

10. cat is stuck in a tree meowing. you see the top of ladder bounce over then lean up against the tree a dog climbs up the later as the cat look at him from his branch. when the dog is at the top he looks at the cat and starts barking. the cat is started and falls out the tree. dog climbs back down takes later and it bounces away.

Tiana Ideas

*1) A little girl asks her mother how did she meet her father and how did you know that he was the one. The mother has a flash back and remembers the day she meet her husband. The children look about 6 ears old and they are waiting at the ice cream truck. The little girl is mesmerized by the little boy and snaps out of it and then slaps his ice cream cone onto the ground. He looks at her confused. Then you hear the mother say "that's when I knew I was in love".

*2) SUSAN (age 4) was drinking juice when she got the hiccups. ‘Please don’t give me this juice again,’ she said, ‘It makes my teeth cough.’ - found this a long time ago when reading funny things kids say.

*3) Birds laugh at man as it mimics his car alarm. The birds start to sing the car alarm sound as a person runs out franticly to check the car. The birds start cracking up.

*4) A wife and her husband are sleeping and fighting over the covers. The bed rolls them off and then walks away. and mumble " i can't get any sleep around here!" The couple holds each other as they are scared and confused.

*5) Older brother takes cookies out of the cookie jar and puts on to the table to eat. You see a little boy stealing his cookies.. Kinda like one of my favorite scenes in the rescuers down under

6) A princess ( Disney's Rapunzel Probably) is singing in the wind as her hair is blowing freely. Then her wig flies off. Revealing a short brown haired woman. Maybe after the little credit we can show the wicked witch from snow white right before she tries to give her the apple pick up the wig and go "hmmm" wipes it off and then walks away from the cottage.

7) A little puddle gets up and positions itself on the ground as it is raining. A man looks at the puddle and decides to jump into it. He disappears into the puddle out of view of the camera. Then words pop up on the screen. Attack of the puddle snatchers!

8) The Thief (a dog has a great time playing in the laundry basket. he pops his head out to reveal that his eyes are covered by a bra. He tries to take it off and realizes that he can't. He relaxes for a bit and the bra falls off his eyes. He is so happy he begins to run and trips over the basket. The end.

9) ( something i used to do a lot as a child) in a super market there is an automatic coupon dispenser machine. A sneaky little kid runs up and down the same aisle taking the coupon and about the third time a worker is there.. The kid runs into him and all of the coupons fall out of his pocket. Then he runs away as the worker shakes his head in disappointment.

10) There is a forest counsel of animals that are trying to ban Rapunzel from the forest. Her hair is getting in everyones way and the show the tapes. The birds can't fly because they get tangled in her hair. The squirrels nuts get stuck in her hair, or whatever is funny. Really short stuff.

The ones with the stars are the ones i really like. Lets pick and choose all of the ones we wanna get started on . This is so awesome

YAY! this will be fun.

Hey tiana I am enjoying all your stories. I like the following ones most.

#'s 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 I like the others as well but I think maybe they could be tweeked a little bit more for a good punch line of laugh.

Let me know which ones you prefer. once we do some character designs we can use them over and over again.

OKAY LMAOOOOOOOOO i love your ideas Arie especially 1,2,3,7,9,10. I was cracking up


Draw Like Crazy said...

Hey tiana I am enjoying all your stories. I like the following ones most.

#'s 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 I like the others as well but I think maybe they could be tweeked a little bit more for a good punch line of laugh.

Let me know which ones you prefer. once we do some character designs we can use them over and over again.

Tiana Mone'e Scott said...

Okay cool we want to start simple and small so maybe i think either your 3 or my 2 to begin with. If you like those choices we can start working on character designs and some story boards and post them tomorrow. Just tell me which one you prefer to do i don't mind either one will be okay. Then we can post character designs and story boards up. The if we like different elements we can combine the both of them.

Draw Like Crazy said...

lets do the juice one first. your #2. its is the simplest cause it has only one character in it.if you do the character design I will do the back ground and layout design for it.

Tiana Mone'e Scott said...

Let's both work on character design and story boards for it. I don't want to miss out on a great idea you may have for it. If you think we should do it the way you said i'm all for it also. Is there a style in mind that you think may fit this little short. I was thinking that we would only see the mothers stomach down since she is much taller than the little girl.

Tiana Mone'e Scott said...

I'll post whatever stuff i have tonight. Should i attach it to this post or create a new one for it?

Draw Like Crazy said...

I think when we start posting art for this lets go ahead and make a second post showing artwork and ideas for designs so lets start with designs.