Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Comic Fonts

Just thought I'd mention a site with cool fonts
The FREE fonts are located on the left hand side. (The ones with the red dots are the ones you have to pay for). Some of the decorative fonts they have could be used for cool credit intros to your anim. If you dabble in comics the fonts here are also nice.

-M :)


meg said...

these guys occasionally have kickass sales for picking up good (and full, and international) fonts on the cheap (but non-sale prices are ouch). fontifier is also neat. i had trouble finding the sort of font i wanted among the free stuff, so if you have a bit of cash to spare, and it's super important to you to find the "perfect" font, those are good options.

Michy09 said...

Hey Meg thanks for the feedback, the guys from the first link comicraft actually have a great book on computer lettering which i recommend if your looking to get into comic book lettering, It's light reading, to the point, and it's only about $8. :)