Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The reason behind the madness.

So I have been looking through John k's blog and lessons and if you have been carefully reading them you will kbnow that is he opening a new studio and is looking for artists. I knew there wasw a reason he was posting tutorials on line. I am kinda jumping ahead on this to so sorry guys if you are confused. this comes from lesson 9.

This last blog was posted on January 13, 2007 :

"This is a very serious message from me to you if you ever want to work on real cartoons, not phony-ass flat Nick stuff.

You have to teach yourself the principles of good animation drawing, because no school will teach you and I can't afford to train you on the job. I'm starting a new studio soon and need cartoonists, but do the work you need to.

All the most important things you need to know about drawing animation are in these model sheets I lifted from Steve's great Animation Archive.

Do what I did when I was your age. Copy them all and learn the underlying concepts in these great drawings:

Line Of Action
Fluid Poses
Clear silhouettes
Appeal and cuteness

You kids have a head start. All this stuff was hard to find when I broke into the industry. Now you can just go to the animation archive and see some of the best cartoon and illustration art in history, and then come here to have me pick out the stuff that is the cream of the crop and the quickest to learn from.

Not every old model sheet is great. These are. I weeded the weaker ones out for you.

Take advantage and stop drawing flat and lifeless! If you can do it, then you can help me save cartoons.

If you have talent, and you copy these things carefully, and then apply the principles to your own drawings, you will learn very fast and you will be able to adapt to any style. Once you work at Nick or Cartoon Network, you can easily dumb down your ability. If you work for me, you will learn even more, but learn the principles on your own."

I am kind posting this to show my Friend emil as well that he he says he wants things copied exactly as they are.

Anyway happy drawing. I think it would be an amazing experience to work with john k. I want to do my best at this stuff.

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