Saturday, January 27, 2007


Hosted by asifa east, the panel board metting thingy they had to night WAS EXCELLENT!!! I went into NYC with mindsiz3 and his lovely wife and my friend Michy09 showed up as well. They had an area of the museum( Museum of moving images) set up with a video game exhibit. the cool thing was that you could actually play the games for free. made me wish I had gotten there early but it was awesome non the less.

When the lecture started there was a surprise guest!! The one and only Dan Haskett!! as well as Bill plimpton and many other fabulous animation artists! I was so excited.

Haskett created the above catoon from sesame street. It really touched home for me cause I remember seeing that cartoon and how much it impacted me as a kid. So simple but so infuential. his work is so fluid and expressive and I must say it is an old favorite. Honestly though I didn't know exactly who he was untilabout a week ago when I read an article on him and I remember thinking OOOhhhh now i know how created that. He also designed minerva mink on animaniacs and ariel on the little mermaid! I have loved his work all this time and never knew it! anyway check out this cool article on him.

When it comes to animation i love his movement and sheer understanding of people and there habits. he work really is fluid and full of life. I strive to have that kind of life in my own work.

Anyway back to the lecture. It was simpley brilliant. I really learned alot and I was super excited to be in the city and at the museum. I think i learned more in a night there than i would sitting in class all week when it comes to the animationindustry and all the hard work that really goes into it. I wallked away inspired beyond beleif.

I even got to shake Mr. Hasketts name and show my apreciation for his work and even meet his beautiful wife. Anyway it is great to put a face with the amazing work i have loved so long without knowing who made it or where it came from! Now I just gotta get him to mentor me. lol Yeah right like that would ever happen.

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