Saturday, March 1, 2008

Animation tests

I am going to start uploading some of my rough flash animations here. Mostly the purpose of them is so I can practice timing and character movement. I need to start building a portfolio and well I can't have an animation portfolio withouth finished animation. and considering I am a bit low on paper this allows me the chance to play around with things like the flour sack and different walk cycles while I would on planning out some other stuff to actually draw on paper.

Anyway, this first on is a few scenes I strung together with a revisit to the bouncing ball. It is very much a beginner assignment to help you get use to moving shapes around:

My friend Esteban Valdes took some time and coached me on how not to over act using that box animation. I am posting this with his permission. please visit his web site to see more stuff.

Her is what he suggested, so I could reduce the amount of drawings and tighten up my timing a bit.

As a continuation so that all the tests would kind of run together I had the ball fall ontop of a box and turn into a flour sack. Then the floursack gets happy cause it realized how much more movement it has:

I had some ideas from here of it like kicking up its heels and walking around for a bit. The next phase is it sprouts legs and stands up. From there I will start a series of walk cycles based on the Richard Williams book, THE ANIMATORS SURVIVAL KIT. If you are looking to learn character animation it is a good guide.

After the walks I want to add some arms and have it run. then it will grow into a character and she will run for a bit and stop and pant. I think that will be the final of my tests
then I want to try other stuff.

Anyway here are a few other flash things I did enjoy.

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