Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hula test 2

So I was walking home yesterday and decided not to draw the actual hoop out by hand. I can do it in flash and it will be faster cause I can test the secondary movement until I get it right. This isn't cleaned up yet so i might look a bit strange. I am going to clean this up today. I did the animation last night but didn't post it.

I have the new poses for the next sequence. it will be more of a 3 quarter view. I was trying to work out the action on the bus in my sketchbook but I don't think I will really be able to see it till I sit down and animate it. Emil had a lot of good suggestions on this. like that the hula hoops movement needs to be more constant.My other friend also said it needed more settle. and he sent me a example of what he ment. I will give it a go tomorrow non the less. I also plan to start re exploring some story boards I did very soon and taking some photos so I can really do some nice BG for this. it will be my first short film and I really hope to god it turns out nice. It won't have any words. it will be all body language and some of my music. I plan to see the entire animation process through from beginning to end. should be fun. and even better it should be a nice portfolio piece.



ShojinStudios said...

Mainasha, Wow great job! I'm truly sorry for not being more active for such a long period, but I'll be posting up more stuff in the days to come. Your art has gone from great to simply amazing in the last year or so I checked out Jessica rabbit and Rouge along with other femmes you've drawn up, I love your style and now to see that animated, exiting! Well let me stop and get my butt to work as well. Take care and keep up the movement, I'm there too!

Draw Like Crazy said...

thanks a lot. I think you are the only one that swings through to veiw the site lol! It is ok though. I figure no one else is using it but at least I am, I get motivated to animate knowing I can share it here.

Also thank you for the feature on your blog!