Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I draw on paper!

Yes I do yes I do. lol. It was an interesting day. I thumb nailed some actions out for my next sequences. I have to scan them. non the less I started planning ideas for a short film. It is the type of thing I would have done had I went back 3rd year to the kubert school only better cause I don't have the constraints of school to limit me.

I took one of my old ideas and decided to expand on it and do a short film. maybe up to 5 minutes or so. All the characters are designed for it but I have to redraw the story boards cause I am changing the BG and the location. The original idea was more for a e card idea I was doing cause I was determined to do it in flash. This time though I plan to do all hand drawn digital colored animation. I haven't decided on the final look yet though but I want it to be kinda rough and lively.

I also thumb nailed out the actions for the next part of my flour sack animation. So I have a lot of things to work on. they seem so small though.

I recently became obsessed with Richard Williams. I always saw animation as a way to play God cause you create and give life to things that exist only in your head. Then I found those movies about him and started to just fall in love. He really sees animation as a true art form and not a kids medium for advertising toys and games. I love how he described how much he loved art as a kid and he kinda abandoned it for a little while for Rembrandt and when he discovered animation he saw it as the ultimate art form like what if Michaelangelo or Donatello or Rembrandt were animators.

To me it really is the ultimate art form. I mean it requires the study of all life and movement and habits and then translating it into a believable medium that tells stories and even effects peoples lives on levels beyond what people may think. I mean think about it. Disney is a house hold name. we grow up with it and we share it with our kids. it can teach as well as torment society. And though 3d animation is beautiful there is no beauty as great as hand drawn crafted animation.

But i degress, I always liked his book, the Animators Survival Kit
I bought it last year and started reading and enjoying it. It is like reading a story it isn't so much a text book. It is like someone is speaking to you in clearly explaining there experiences in life and showing you what they have learned rather than the text book approach on straight ahead technique. it reminds me of the animation podcast on occasion cause he talks about his experience learning from great animators of the past that are now retired or have passed away.

Anyway i found nice article on what he is doing now that he has released his book ans started teaching. you should check it out. Enjoy!


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