Sunday, March 16, 2008

Walk cycles

Walk cycles are a pain in my ass. I get the arms and the legs all confused and stuff. This will be the first of many. i think this took ma about an hour cause I get confused. Grrr... I am not even trying to maintain volume or anything. It is all about just doing it and working through them cause walk cycles are kinda laborious to me.

Anyway, here is the first one. I think the goal will be to be able to do these with my eyes closed in the they say 99 percent practice 1 percent theory.

I also wanted to post up some links to a few really cool blogs I found today. some of these people are act not animators but the work is undeniably amazing. So please visit them and enjoy the wonderful art.

I might do more of these tonight so I might add some to this post. Have a good day.


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