Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back to the hoop roughs

So I allowed myself to get so intimidated by the paper that I couldn't seem to draw this. The problem comes from me not having a whole lot of animation paper to start and not wanting to waste it on testing and testing to get this right.

Anyway, so I posted the old hula hoop animation on and someone over there said they took a long good look at it and decided to try drawing it out themselves to help me out. He did it in flash and published it out as a animated gif to if you want to take a look at what he/she did here it is.

That is when I got the bright idea to rough the movement out in flash and play with it till I get the timing and spacing right. I started out with way to many inbetweens but I figure hey I can always take some out tight. Here is the first test. This was done mainly to get the movement I wanted worked out.

This next test was done after removing some of the frames to speed up the motion and get the timing better under control. I was trying to put more emphasis on the main poses cause I thought those were important for the viewer to see.

test 3 I added the hoop. it looks so bad. I need to go look at the video I have a lot more so I can see how the hoop is really supposed to look on the body. I am still tweeking this animation. I will try to finish it soon. after that I will move to paper. any feed back would be good. I was trying not to look at his version to much cause I didn't want it to influence me to much. I want to make sure I am using my own ideas and not taking from other peoples but at the same time it helps a lot to I may take a look at his drawings. see how many he has, and try to play with my timing some more until I get it right but I want to reference live action first.

Anyway that is what I have for today.I know I haven't been posting a lot but that is cause I have been spending time looking at animation reading and well being intimidated. I also want to post up a walk cycle today. So I guess I will be back later.

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Monk said...

it is turning out really good. I can't wait to see the finished product. :)