Sunday, March 16, 2008

Revival of the Blog!!!

Well it looks like the blog is finally up and running so I thought i'd put my little contribution. I ran accross this site awhile back called character designs which is basically a site that has alot of references for life drawing and a profile area on individual artists. It's pretty useful to research posing or to just look at others artwork. I plan to try to update more on the site so even if no one else sees it, it'll at least be something for me an arie to bounce off cool links from one another occasionally. Just for fun i'll put up some character design stuff i'm doing for a future animation. The design is pretty rough but it's basically how I want him to look. Still expirementing with it. I'll also throw in some darkstalkers art just for fun. It's not completely finished but it dosen't seem like i'll get back to finishing it anytime soon so why not.

Here's the link:


Draw Like Crazy said...

nice Job! I especially love the design of the little the face and nose on this. He is very appealing. I would say though that the body could use more refinement. mostly in the torso and legs. So that you can push the movement of these poses even farther! excellent work. Even your lines are nice and clean. They really excite me and make me want to see more!

Emil said...

Yeah i'm still working on it. These were just general sketches, mainly to focus on his facial features and I just drew each face with a general body type to see how it would look.
The picture on the upper left is the closest to how I want him to look overall. Later this week i'll try to put up a more finished version of him. I'm glad you like the linework as well. It means alot seeing as how clean you tend to make your linework in your art.