Saturday, March 8, 2008

Today is me B - day

yep I turned 29. I was siting on the toilet thinking to myself. God I am 29. If I go back home now I will be a 30 year old living at home with my mom. Gross. Anyway, I didn't get time to animate yesterday cause I was to busy drinking rum and coke with my friend victor and playing video games and watch cartoons on the internet. It was fun. I haven't realy relaxed like that in s a while. today me and sherry are celebrating our B-day together and then she invited peple over to the house to eat and I am cooking the cake.

so today I will find tome to animate a bit. be back later to post it.

here is some awesome animation to tide me over till I can get some stuff up. I really love this you can tell that he could have taken this farther. in some spots the animation is super smooth. other times it feels like he is using cleverly done strong key poses to communitate the actions but in the end it all loooks very clean and tight and finished! Enjoy


ShojinStudios said...

HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!! I have to thank you for all these amazing pieces! Though rough I can see where it's heading take care and remember, don't drink and draw!

Draw Like Crazy said...

well, I haven't heard from you in a bit of time thanks for swinging through and commenting. I really appreciate it. I hope you will come through and post sometime. I plan to try and post more often and have more to share.