Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hula chick done

I finished up the last of my inbetweens on the first part of the hula chick. I have to do the secondary action now for the actual hoop. that shouldn't be hard though cause I plan to use a circle template. it would be as organic as the figure nor will it have much squash and stretch but it is mostly an exercise so I am not to worried as long as the timing looks correct. Because I missed work on friday I have to make up for that day as well. tomorrow I will scan stuff and try to squeeze in the last part of the other flash animation. I will animate the girl in flash. that is all I have on my computer. probably on twos. I still need to finish my flour sack exercises to and then I will start walk cycles. I am trying to keep things varied cause these drills are a bit boring in comparison with animating something that has a story. the hula hoop was fun cause I gave the character exaggerated proportions. I think she is pleasant to look at.

I figure since I haven't got anything to show for this post I will share a video. i thought this was fucking awesome when I saw it on Youtube. it is animated but it is kinda like when you play a first person shooter video game. the song is cool but the animation is just amazing so I hope you enjoy it.

the animation is done by maverix studios so I am posting the link here cause I want to come back and get a look at more of what these guys have done.

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k said...

awesome,...i want to do that!