Sunday, March 23, 2008

UPA (United Productions of America)

These Guys revolutionized animation. Because of this group (company) animation was brought into a modern era, in the paraphrased words of Dan Haskett. I called him today to question him about the group and he gave me lots of information. it is funny cause it wasn't till I started digging for info on the animation industry that I found out about them and even then the info was sparse at best. These are the guys that are responsible for Mr. Magoo. And a today change in design and mood and feel of cartoons after Disney had his rain of terror on the industry and people were getting tired of talking fuzzy animals that sing and dance and follow women around.

Apparently UPA came along not to long after the very BIG Disney strike where a whole lot of Disney animators that were really unhappy with Disney Studios and the state of the industry stood up and started refusing to be mistreated and taken advantage of by business execs taking all the glory like they did most of the work.

It if funny how us artists just want to draw and not deal with to much of the politics of things only to realize that we are giving away our control. Anyway, Dan gave me a few things to look into. And he said if I had more question he would love to tell me more so that is really exciting to me. When I asked him about it to start he was curious to know why I was asking and then gave me lots of info on the history! He also suggested I look up UPA and a few artists that did work for them so I will post some of that here for those interested.

One of the Guys he told me to look into was Jack Schnerck. There are some demo reels on Youtube of his work in commercials. I remember some of these from when I was a child.

I also wasn't aware that UPA was still around but they are! so I found the website and started looking into how they view there history! so check it out!


I am in love with a new artist. He is a french artist named Sempe and I wanted to post up some of his art so I can come back to it easily. I love french artists!! The Temple Of Seven Golden Camels is really excellent that is were I found info on the artist.

So if interested check it out!

The other cool thing they have is an article on drawing Cluter and designing it so it looks interesting and doesn't tired the eye and I loved that article as well!Anyway if you wanna learn something new go look at these things. They will brighten your animation world!

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