Saturday, March 15, 2008

the transformation

One of the story boards that I was working on thumbnailing had the flour sack transforms and grow arms and legs,and then eventually growing a head. so here is the arms and legs popping out of the body for ya. the sack gets bigger when it jumps in the air but that is cause it kinda changes size once it grows arms and legs.

Anyway it has problems but that is ok. It is practice. I do feel I am getting better. the studying I am doing has helped a lot cause I am finding myself thinking about things and trying to apply it. I love the Richard Williams book so much. It has been a great help. The illusion of life is also a great help cause they animators discuss having strong poses and what it was like when they first started animating. Once my character gets a head I will start my walk cycles and stuff. I will get back to animating on paper a little later. I get intimidated cause A. I don't have a whole lot of animation paper and B. it takes me a while to get things scanned so I can test it on the computer in flash. Flash frees me in a since cause I can test things immediately and tweak it. I think it will speed up the learning process a great deal.

anyway here it is

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