Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Feet

Yes I said happy feet. You know how you think a movie is just a repeat of many things you have seen over and over so you say I am not going to bother. Well I wanted to see some cg today and I sat down to officially watch this film and I have to say I was very surprised. The message in this movie is progressive and loving. Being the animal lover I am and my interest in animal rights. The film actually caught me off guard. As the movie progressed I found myself wanting more and more. It was like mumbles was the ghandi of the penguin world. It was a good film. I really enjoyed it and I was happy to see a film that offered more than a cheap laugh and a few dance steps. i know I am late on this one but as they say. better late than never. I think I will buy the dvd.

Anyway I owe you guys some animation. I should have some done today. I have spent the last few pays studying and doing character design stuff. I will upload later today. It is crazy cause my mind feels so open. So many things I didn't understand last year make so much since now since I have been studying on my own. Anyway if you are like me and you never gave happy feet a chance. I am here to tell you to give it a go. Even if you rent it. you may be pleasantly surprised and it has a great message for both children and adults which I love a story that has meaning and I hope you do too!

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